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Become an instant expert at reading playing cards with the Carny Cartomancy system!  
CC can be performed with ZERO MEMORISATION, yet you will be able to instantly provide a detailed meaning or interpretation for every card in the deck. Once you understand how the system works, it will stick with you forever. 

 You can use Carny Cartomancy for:  
General use - Single card readings to fill gaps in routines or effects.  
Outs - If you perform a psychological force and it fails, Carny Cartomancy can be used as an out.  
Propless Cartomancy - No deck? No problem. You can provide readings using a deck imagined by your spectator. 
 And much more!  

Within these pages you will find the simplest and quickest way of learning the system, plenty of tips and advice and an effective, up to date three card spread that is certain to replace the age old "past, present, future" spread.  

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